Intelligent Lighting

It's very simple and easy to replace traditional light sources with our LED lighting products.  Original fixtures can remain in place and our products can be installed using a different interface reducing replacement costs.


Ceramic LED Security Light

Product Features

  • Patented ceramic heat sink technology

  • Multiple adjustable lighting angles

  • Connective top-down heat dissipation improving long service life

  • Independent cooling of electrical cavity ensuring long lifespan

Our Ceramic LED security light is based on the newest LED technology.  The light has a unique structure with adjustable lighting angles and is intelligently controlled.  These lights are highly efficient and save energy.

Omnidirectional Light Distribution

Product Features

  • No Flicker

  • high efficiency seoul semiconductor LED's inside

  • Ceramic heat sink for better heat dissipation and safety

  • Unique structure design strengthens natural convection of the system.

  • Useful for Hotels and Households

LED Bulb - BR30

This LED bulb is based on the latest energy saving light source technology.  It boasts high luminous flux, long lifespan and low energy consumption. it has a unique light distribution design giving an even and soft ambience useful for indoor lighting environments such as Warehouses, shopping precincts, exhibition halls and hotels.

Product Features

  • High quality LED bead giving a long lifespan

  • Insulating ceramic material with high conductivity guaranteeing cooling performance

  • Elegant and hollow structure design

  • High luminous flux giving soft lighting without glare

  • Optimised spectrum safer for the human eye

LED Bukb A 48

This LED bulb series has an elegant design.  It's high transparency gives improved heat dissipation meaning the product service life is prolonged making it an ideal choice for the indoor lighting environment such as hotels, exhibition halls, shopping precincts and convenience stores.

Product Features

  • Ceramic heat sink without PCB making heat dissipation efficiency greatly enhanced

  • Hollow structure is an elegant design

  • high quality PC shell gies good light transmittance with excellent durability

  • Insulating materials are safe and reliable

  • Intelligent dimming system gives further energy conservation

  • No flicker making it safer for the human eye

LED Bulb A60

Our innovative LED bulb has a 360 degree luminous surface emmitting soft and even lighting.  It adopts ceramic heat sink and provides high quality LED lighting without flicker, useful for floor lights, Bank Halls, shops and hotels.

Product Features

  • Ceramic heat sink without PCB, ideal performance of heat dissipation

  • High transparent lens with high efficacy

  • Integral insulating materials, making it safer and more reliable

  • High quality LED with no flicker to affect the human eye

  • Use of green materials

Ceramic Grow Light

Full spectrum LED ceramic grow light is a high quality light source product with a compact structure and appealing design.  Used for the entire growth cycle of plants, this product is the ideal lighting source for indoor and green house farming.

Product Features

  • Compact and elegant design

  • Ceramic heat sink, heat dissipation efficiency greatly enhanced

  • Excellent luminance design with brilliant lighting performance.

  • Used for the entire growth cycle of plants

  • Stable with a long lifespan

  • Standard interface with easy installation


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